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Motorcycle Led turnsignals
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Motorcycle Led turnsignals


Spiral ribbon for motorcycle electrics

Product code: 10032864

5,00 VAT included

Cable cover for motorcycle taillights, indicators, headlights.

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Resistor for LED turnsignals

Product code: 68-091

8,50 VAT included

Resistance for turn signals with LED (minimum 2 Pcs required)

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Product code: 68-2525

14,12 VAT included

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Resistors for LED turnsignals

Product code: 68-091-2

15,99 VAT included

Resistors for turn signals with LED (2 Pcs)

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Cat-eye LED indicators

Product code: 203-790

34,00 VAT included

LED indicator with a black housing, lens clear.

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Gothic led turnsignals

Product code: 204-150

44,01 VAT included

Turn signal Set Gothic in Black LED E-mark 

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Mini bullet LED indicators

Product code: 203-119

54,90 VAT included

LED Mini indicator in a black aluminium housing

Voting users: 3


Led bullet turn signals

Product code: 203-200

65,00 VAT included

LED-indicator in a chromed Aluminium-housing, E-mark.

Voting users: 4


Led indicator Colorado

Product code: 203-201

67,99 VAT included

LED-indicator in a black  Aluminium-housing, pair, E-mark

Voting users: 5


Bullet taillight/indicator Colorado

Product code: 254-201

109,90 VAT included

black aluminium-housing, pair, E-mark.

Voting users: 5


Bullet taillight with indicators

Product code: 254-200

109,90 VAT included

chromed Aluminium-housing, pair, E-mark.

Voting users: 6