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Seats accessories
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Seats accessories


Solo seat bracket

Product code: 53-203

12,10 VAT included

Soloo seat front bracket, chromed steel

Voting users: 3


Solo seat bracket, round end.

Product code: DS902012

12,10 VAT included

Round style may be used on most custom rigid and Softail frames.

Voting users: 3


Solo seat springs - 7,5 cm

Product code: 53-201

16,50 VAT included

Solo seat springs, 7,5 cm high.

Voting users: 3


Solo seat springs - 12 cm

Product code: 53-202

17,90 VAT included

Solo seat spring, 12.5 cm (5") high in Chrome

Voting users: 4


Solo seat spring set (2 pcs.)

Product code: 53-205

19,00 VAT included

Spring set for Solo seat (2 Pcs) - 6 cm (2 1" )

Voting users: 5


BMW K-series upswept loop

Product code: 21-0056

59,00 VAT included

Loop kit, steel

Voting users: 0


1" LED Cafe Racer loop kit

Product code: 21-0036

72,00 VAT included

Loop kit, steel 

Voting users: 3


Medium pillow confort gel pad

Product code: 08100525

95,00 VAT included

Button tufted, comfortable, strap-down gel seat pad looks perfect on top of most cruisers

Voting users: 8


Large pillow confort pad

Product code: 08100524

111,00 VAT included

Easy on / easy off harness or quick throw over mounting options

Voting users: 9


Extra Large pillow confort pad

Product code: 08100523

123,00 VAT included

The extra large fits many larger cruisers and most touring bikes including the HD Baggers, Goldwings, Voyager, Royal Star and Victory.

Voting users: 5