Handlebars for Harley
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Handlebars for Harley


Handlebar Dragbar for Harley Davidson

Product code: 55-212

44,90 VAT included

Drag bar for harley Davidson use, with slots.

Voting users: 0


Street Medium handlebar, for Harley Davidson

Product code: 557-231

66,00 VAT included

Street Medium handlebar, in chromed steel, with dimples.

Voting users: 6


Fighter handlebar

Product code: 55-256

69,00 VAT included

Handlebar for custom and cafe racer motorcyle use, in chromed steel.

Voting users: 6


Fat custom handlebar

Product code: HH 55-502

119,00 VAT included

The diameter is 32 mm (1 1/4"), but is 1" in the risers and grips section.

Voting users: 6


Apehanger handlebar, chromed

Product code: 55-219

74,01 VAT included

Apehanger handlebar, in chromed steel tubing, witl slots for Harley Davidson use.

Voting users: 2


Drag Bar Wide, dull black

Product code: 55-214B

50,00 VAT included

Drag bar wide, dull black,  with slots for Harley Davidson use. 

Voting users: 6


Drag wide handlebar, for Harley Davidson

Product code: HH 55-214

50,00 VAT included

Dragbar for Harley Davidson use, with slots. 

Voting users: 0


Fat flyer handlebar

Product code: 55-501

105,00 VAT included

Fat Flyer Handlebar -32mm (1 1/4") in Chrome Multi-fit.

Voting users: 0


Mini Ape handlebar, black

Product code: 0601-1702

95,00 VAT included

1" diameter, 14-gauge steel tubing.

Voting users: 3


Apehanger black handlebar

Product code: 0601-1700

97,00 VAT included

dimpled and drilled for internal wiring for pre-2008 models.

Voting users: 0


Apehanger handlebar, dull black

Product code: 557-219B

74,00 VAT included

Apehanger 1" handlebar, with dimples for Harley Davidson mounting. 

Voting users: 0


Buckhorn handlebar

Product code: 06010823

81,00 VAT included

Diamond knurled for OEM risers on 3 1/2" centers (4 1/2" for springers) to help prevent slippage. 82-up models feature wire dimples.

Voting users: 2


Bad boy handlebar

Product code: 06010826

79,00 VAT included

1"-diameter, 14-gauge steel tubing. Diamond knurled for OEM risers on 3 1/2" centers 

Voting users: 3


Fat Boy style bar

Product code: 06010825

89,00 VAT included

Khrome Werks 1" Fat Boy Glide handlebar style.

Voting users: 0


XLX Style handlebar for Harley Davidson, dull black

Product code: 557-238B

65,00 VAT included

Handlebar XLX style, dull black, diameter 25,4 mm. (1"). With dimples for Harley Davidson use.

Voting users: 0


Drag bar large, matt black

Product code: 557-208B

51,00 VAT included

Handlebar in matt black steel, 1" diameter.

Voting users: 0
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