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Eagle emblems
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Eagle emblems


Eagle fender ornament

Product code: 02-074

22,00 VAT included

Eagle fender ornament, in chromed metal.

Voting users: 1


Eagle fender ornament

Product code: 68-4011

24,90 VAT included

Highway Hawk Eagle head fender ornament Chrome Small 12cm

Voting users: 0


Eagle fender ornament, chrome/gold

Product code: DS287556

26,00 VAT included

Fits most fenders; includes gasket and mounting hardware.

Voting users: 4


Eagle head fenderlight - medium size

Product code: 68-4021

29,50 VAT included

Gasket at the bottom to avoid scratches.

Voting users: 3


Eagle fender ornament - large model

Product code: 68-401

36,60 VAT included

eagle head fender ornament, chromed metal.

Voting users: 2


Eagle fender light - Lenght 17 cm.

Product code: 68-402

37,50 VAT included

Highway Hawk Fender ornaments with light Eagle head Large 17 cm 12V5W
Voting users: 3