Cafe racer handlebars
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Cafe racer handlebars


Clubman 7/8" handlebar

Product code: 06012440

61,00 VAT included

classic style easily drops controls down for racy, cafe look without adding clip-on.

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Cafe racer handlebar, Jack

Product code: 55-270

76,00 VAT included

Use it on both your custom as your Cafe-racer style Extra knurling for solid fixing on the risers.

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Cafe racer handlebar Jack

Product code: 55-275

76,00 VAT included

Two styles of handlebar in one, depending on the way it is mounted.

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Clubman handlebar black

Product code: 23-12559

69,00 VAT included

Clubman handlebar, black. For 1' handlebars (25,4 mm.)


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Motocross Style 22 mm. handlebar, black

Product code: 05-0066

45,00 VAT included

Made of High Quality Chromed Steel.

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Flat Track 7/8" handlebar

Product code: 0601-2637

48,00 VAT included

Made from carbon steel in powdercoat gloss black finish

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Euro Chrome 7/8" handlebar

Product code: 06012626

48,00 VAT included

Made from chromed steel

Voting users: 6


Flat Track 7/8" handlebar chromed

Product code: 0601-2635

45,01 VAT included

Made from high quality steel in chromed finish

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Euro Black handlebar 7/8"

Product code: 06012628

39,00 VAT included

Made from carbon steel in powdercoat matt black finish

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