Batwing for japanese motorbikes
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Batwing for japanese motorbikes


Batwing kit for Honda VT600-VT750-VT1100

Product code: 2330-0081

559,00 VAT included

Fairing with quick detach system.

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Spoiler for Memphis Shades batwing

Product code: 2350-0170

125,00 VAT included

Spoiler for Memphis Shades batwing, height is 9". 
Color: smoke

Voting users: 0


Kit Batwing for Yamaha custom and tourer

Product code: 2330-0017xvs

559,00 VAT included

Available for XVS650 / XVS1100 Classic and Sport/custom version, and also for XVS950, XVS1300, XV1600, XV1700.

Voting users: 2


Kit Batwing for Kawasaki VN Vulcan

Product code: 2330-0023vn

559,00 VAT included

Batwing fairing for Kawasaki VN 800, VN900, VN1500, VN1600, VN1700

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Tri pouch system for batwing fairing

Product code: 3508-0020

106,00 VAT included

Tri pouch set + zippered extra pouch

Voting users: 4