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Shin Yo


Space mirrors, chrome

Product code: 301-045

68,00 VAT included

Fit all japanese motorcycles, Moto Guzzi, Triumph and all motorcycles with M10x1.25 mounting thread.

Voting users: 8


Double Oval headlight

Product code: 224-330

155,00 VAT included

Headlights Double oval E-mark H3 12V55W

Voting users: 6


STOP Taillight

Product code: 255-057

42,00 VAT included

 Black complete with license plate light

Voting users: 4


Bates LED tail light, chromed

Product code: 255-131

36,00 VAT included

chromed metal housing, red lens, adjustable bracket, E-mark.

Voting users: 0


Bates style LED tail light

Product code: 255-130

36,00 VAT included

LED taillight BATES STYLE, black metal housing, red lens, adjustable bracket, E-mark.

Voting users: 4


Ferrera custom mirrors

Product code: 301-724

65,00 VAT included

Fit left or right, for all motorbikes with M10 (1.25) mounting.

Voting users: 3


Spotlights with visor, grooved

Product code: 223-347/C

119,90 VAT included

 E-mark H4 12V605W spotlights

Voting users: 4


Hawk tail light

Product code: 255-982

23,00 VAT included

Taillight in a chromed housing with adjustable bracket

Voting users: 5


Bullet spotlights

Product code: 223-343/C

119,90 VAT included

Also includes an additional 5W low-intensity running light

Voting users: 3


Tombstone taillight

Product code: 255-960

54,90 VAT included

complete with license plate holder.

Voting users: 1


Sparto taillight, matt black

Product code: 255-962

59,00 VAT included

Taillight with license plate mount, dull black.

Voting users: 3


Cat-eye turn signals, short stem, black

Product code: 203-431

18,00 VAT included

Mini Cat-eye indicators with a black housing and amber lens

Voting users: 6


Early style spotlights

Product code: 222-037/C

102,00 VAT included

Spotlights in a early style with swivel mount

Voting users: 6


Springer headlight El Paso

Product code: 223-075

89,00 VAT included

Lens diameter 165 mm. Depth 180 mm.

Voting users: 3


Cat-eye taillight, E-marked

Product code: 255-915

25,90 VAT included

Large Cateye Taillight E-mark

Voting users: 5


Mini Cat-eye indicators, chromed, pair

Product code: 203-430

18,00 VAT included

Mini cat-eye indicator with a chromed housing and amber lens

Voting users: 8
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