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Live to ride mirrors

Product code: 2031755/C

45,01 VAT included

Fit Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Hyosung and all metric motorbikes with M10 x 1.25 thread.

Voting users: 15


Cargo net, black

Product code: 78-60500

6,50 VAT included

Cargo net 38 x 38 cm. With six plastic coated hooks. 

Voting users: 0


Emgo bar-end mirror, chrome

Product code: 2034000

21,00 VAT included

Stylish and functional for custom or stock applications

Voting users: 6


Emgo Bar-end mirror, black

Product code: 2034010

21,00 VAT included

Fits inside the ends of 22 mm (7/8”) and 25,4 (1") handlebars.

Voting users: 8


Dunstall Reverse cone muffler

Product code: 8084051

75,00 VAT included

Supplied with mounting bracket, clamp and reducers.

Voting users: 5


Megaphone muffler

Product code: 1811-1046

65,00 VAT included

Fits 44,5 mm, but also 38,1 and 41,3 mm. pipes,

Voting users: 6


Mini Lucas tail light

Product code: 20100163

39,00 VAT included

Mini Lucas tail light with chrome bracket.

Voting users: 5


Clubman 7/8" handlebar

Product code: 06012440

61,00 VAT included

classic style easily drops controls down for racy, cafe look without adding clip-on.

Voting users: 4


American classic mirrors

Product code: 2034900/C

25,00 VAT included

Fit all custom jap bikes, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Triumph, Hyosung. For Yamaha and Harley Davidson ask us for the properly stem.

Voting users: 6


Conical air filter 54 mm.

Product code: 10110460

18,00 VAT included

Conical air filter, for carburators with a 54mm outside diameter intake bell. Includes steel wrapper.

Voting users: 2


Conical air filter 60 mm.

Product code: 12-55760

18,00 VAT included

Conical air filter, for carburators with a 60mm outside diameter intake bell. 

Voting users: 3


Turnout muffler, dull black

Product code: 65-942b

78,00 VAT included

Can be used on right and left side.

Voting users: 6


Emgo Hooligan muffler, dull black

Product code: 65-943B

85,00 VAT included

19" long with variable inlet from 1-1/2" to 1-3/4".

Voting users: 7


Dunstall Wide Mouth muffler

Product code: 8084050

69,00 VAT included

Dunstall Wide Outlet Silencer

Voting users: 9


Emgo silencer, Hooligan type

Product code: 65-943

85,00 VAT included

Ideal for Cafe Racer and custom applications.

Voting users: 6


Emgo Megaton slip-on muffler

Product code: 8084034

79,00 VAT included

Comes with multi-reducer set

Voting users: 8
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