License plate bracket for Harley Davidson

Product code: 193810

27,00 VAT included

adjustable to accept almost any license plate

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Headlight visor 5,75"

Product code: 2001-0369

16,00 VAT included

Visor in chrome steel construction

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Bullet Tech Glide spotlights

Product code: 20010248

159,00 VAT included

Custom motorcycle spotlights

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Clacson Vintage 116 db

Product code: DS271997

24,00 VAT included

4" in diameter; universal mount

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Throttle-idle clamp Ø 1"

Product code: 223-040

9,98 VAT included


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Horn sloted

Product code: DS271996

24,00 VAT included

12V horns emit loud (113 dB) signal

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Dual electric horns

Product code: 272128

53,00 VAT included

Produce sound levels comparable to those of a semi's horn (approximately 107 dB)

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