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Iron Horse

Product code: 10026584

111,22 VAT included

Decorative concho and fringe on the flap

Voting users: 0


Highwayman slant medium

Product code: 3501-0088

130,00 VAT included

Large turn signal cutouts in yoke prevent need for turn signal relocation on some models

Voting users: 8


Highway 1 Large

Product code: 10026585

139,00 VAT included

Easy-care, durable and weatherproof outer shell

Voting users: 8


Canvas saddlebags

Product code: 10027997

89,00 VAT included

This no-frills saddlebag set, made of sturdy canvas with faux leather straps, will hold the lot.

Voting users: 5


Route085 - Tennesse saddlebags

Product code: RT085-002

99,00 VAT included

Rigid back to hold shape

Voting users: 4


Route085 saddlebags - Nevada

Product code: RT085-001

119,00 VAT included

Motorcycle Saddle Bags constructed using a waterproof Eco-leather

Voting users: 6


Futura 2000 slant saddlebags

Product code: 35010646

185,00 VAT included

Strong, braided nylon tie-down cords secure bags to bike

Voting users: 3


ROUTE085 Alabama saddlebags

Product code: RT085-004

89,99 VAT included


Throw-over with quick release system

Voting users: 5


Highwayman Large saddlebags

Product code: 3501-0090

145,00 VAT included

Made of thick synthetic leather

Voting users: 5


Highwayman slant riveted (Large)

Product code: 3501-0091

145,00 VAT included

Throw-over design featuring dual straps with heavy-duty chrome-plated buckles

Voting users: 3


Single sided bag - Mod. California 2

Product code: RT085-007

117,00 VAT included


Side bag for Harley Davidson and custom motorcycles.

Voting users: 3


Route085 Saddlebags, mod. Minnesota

Product code: RT085-008

99,00 VAT included


Throw-over with quick release system

Voting users: 0


Route085 Saddlebags, mod. Ohio

Product code: RT085-009

110,00 VAT included

Throw-over with quick release system

Voting users: 0


Saddlemen Tattoo Black saddlebags

Product code: 35010212

225,00 VAT included

Deep-textured 3-D stitched flames

Voting users: 5


Sporty bag for Harley Sportster

Product code: Sporty

49,00 VAT included

Single side bag for Harley Sporster, in eco-leather.

Voting users: 3
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